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dMA Video Presentation

dISTRIBUTED Mesh Architecture (dMA) is an architecture that allows multiple cellular nodes to be linked via IP connections. This interconnectivity creates a flat or meshed network much like the Internet where voice and data calls are switched right at the network edge, reducing the need for backhaul while maintaining full functionality. Each node contains a dynamic routing table that tells it how to route calls. The nodes communicate with each other to deliver a self-forming and self-healing network with a high level of redundancy and reliability. Most important, the network infrastructure has no center or hub, meaning there is no single point of failure.

A DMA network can interface with an existing cellular network, the PSTN and the Internet. It can also stand alone as a complete wireless communication system. Adherence to industry standards and protocols ensures seamless integration, whatever your needs.

The heart of DMA is an all-IP software solution that contains mobile infrastructure for cellular service. Specifically, it provides the functionality of the following elements:

  • Mobile Switching Center (MSC)
  • Radio Network Controller / Base Station Controller (RNC/BSC)
  • Location Registers (HLR and VLR)
  • Media and Data Gateways (MGW, GGSN, SGSN)

Lemko’s unique approach opens the door to new business opportunities for many markets: rural cellular, cellular MVNOs, network extensions, disaster preparedness, wireless local loop and customized military applications.

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