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Disaster Preparedness

Communication is critical when disaster strikes.

Lemko’s On Demand Cellular or ODC, is a complete cellular system that can be quickly and easily deployed in a disaster zone. The entire system may be mounted in a standard SUV. Public safety teams and relief agencies can swiftly communicate and reach those in need of help.

ODC remains fully operational while it is in motion. This delivers a moving canopy of communication that accompanies response teams. Voice and high speed data features provide quick access to medical facilities, building plans and system experts for team members in the field.

ODC’s greatest strength lies in its self-discovering and self-healing network characteristics. If one system drives out of service, the rest of the network continues to function. Remaining nodes can even take over the users and services provided by the removed ODC.

Cellular – deliver on demand. Be prepared with Lemko’s ODC solution.


Lemko in action
Hurricane Katrina



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