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Lemko’s product portfolio is based on our unique distributed Mobile Architecture or dMA software. Each product is designed for easy installation and operation, high reliability, low power consumption and full operation without backhaul or network connections.

All of Lemko’s product utilize IP as a core technology and run on commercial, off-the-shelf hardware platforms, keeping capital costs low and guaranteeing high availability worldwide.

dMARC, or Lemko’s dMA for Rural Cellular, contains all of the functionality required to bring full featured cellular service to remote and sparsely populated areas at a profitable business case. It can operate as a stand-alone solution or as an extension to an existing cellular system.

Lemko On-Demand Cellular or ODC provides communication to Homeland Security and public safety organizations. It is a self-contained system that provides cellular, secure and wireless SIP communication. Each unit is designed to withstand the harsh environment of disaster areas and military deployments.

dMAG, or Lemko’s dMA Gateway provides connectivity to SS7 networks and to existing cellular systems via GSM MAP/CAMEL and CDMA ANSI-41. It is used to keep the mesh network efficiencies through a Lemko dMA network while providing full compatibility with legacy networks.


Ruggedized ODC for harsh environments



The World's Only Software Defined, IP Wireless Mesh Network

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